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Ivy Rose Farms began as a backyard beekeeping hobby. First with one hive, then  ten, then several in everyone of our  backyards. This was the realization a hobby was no longer a hobby and would become a business.  A floral farm to help support the bees  and enhance the surroundings was only natural. To that end, our family purchased the 70-acre parcel in 2018 and down to work.  

In 2020 the farm is  operated primarily by brother & sister, Tony & Nicole combining both their talents and passions into one. Tony, the beekeeper, has grown his apiary to 100 hives in 5 short years. Nicole, aspiring florist, started her floral journey in 2019 researching speciality-heirloom cut varieties to bring to our area and establish a thriving environment for the bees. 

our story

We created Ivy Rose Farms with the intention to instill the value of hard work in our children's lives; having them grow up  understanding  that success is rarely easy, takes patience, and dedication to achieve. You start out with a tiny seed, nurture it, and get to watch it bloom and  flourish. In some cases we watch all of our hard work fail.  However, we learn from  the trials and mistakes and start fresh each season. 

We pray our children will see the beauty in our endeavors, the rewards and how we take the good with the bad, always pushing forward; filling their lives with beauty, sweetness, and preparing them for life beyond the farm. 

What ivy rose farms means to us

the bee is the only social insect to be partially domesticated by humans

honey has been shown to have many health benefits both when eaten and when applied to the skin

the type of flower the bees take their nectar from determines the honey's flavor

a queen bee can produce 2,000 eggs a day

A bee produces a teaspoon of
honey in her lifetime

all worker bees are female

the fun facts about bees

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